Portable Asset Protection

No asset is too big or too small for Revo Asset Management.

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If You Value It, Revo Asset Management Protects It –
Millions of Deployments, Proven Reliability

Valuable, and often hard-to-replace assets such as excavators, loaders, utility products, tractors, telehandlers,generators, trailers, lawn mowers, dumpsters, storage containers, UTVs, bikes, materials and so much more, are being targeted by thieves, and must be closely protected. Product shortages and supply chain constraints can delay replacements for weeks or months. It’s now more important than ever to accelerate your business intelligence with Revo Asset Management.

Safeguarding your investments with our newest smart asset-protection solution is not only intelligent, it’s essential!

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Wireless Asset Tracking - Revo Track

Wired & Wireless Asset Tracking

Real Time Location - Revo Track

Location Intelligence

Motion Alerts - Asset Tracking - Revo Track

Motion Alerts

Advanced Battery Technology - Asset Tracking - Revo Track

Advanced Battery Technology

Smart Power Management - Asset Tracking - Revo Track

Smart Power Management

Ruggedized Asset Tracker - Revo Track

Water and Dust Resistant

No Annual Fees - Asset Tracking - Revo Track

No Annual Fees

No Contracts - Asset Tracking - Revo Track

No Contracts

Monitor and Protect Your Valuables with Ease

Revo Asset Management keeps your assets connected and protected.

  • Manage multiple devices in one app
  • Set up and maintain alerts
  • Reliable and accurate location data
  • View location history
  • Use recovery mode to track stolen assets or unwanted movement
  • Audit inventory health
  • Wired and wireless asset trackers

Start Monitoring Your Assets

If your business relies on outdated and overly complicated manual processes to manage and coordinate asset tracking, give us a call to see how Revo Asset Management can help you 1-833-738-6875.

Revo’s leadership team has led the way in asset tracking technology and IoT solutions globally. Monitoring more than 2 million connected devices across various markets, our technology delivers peace of mind.

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