About Us

We are laser-focused on listening and responding to the needs of the marketplaces we serve with elegant, technological solutions to complex problems. Our location-based, asset-tracking solutions provide our clients with confidence from knowing their valuable assets are protected and can be recovered quickly if lost or stolen.

Today, many valuable assets such as portable generators, dumpsters, toolboxes, construction materials, and so much more, are gaining in value. Replacement costs are rising, and product shortages may delay replacement for weeks or months. Safeguarding your investments — equipment, valuable property — with asset-protection devices is essential.

Revo Asset Management is an innovative IoT company at the forefront of asset-management technology. The firm leverages extensive, decades-long experience in connected sensor technology. Its powerful hardware/software platform provides its clients with low-cost, asset management solutions to protect expensive, hard-to-replace assets: vehicles, heavy or light equipment, trailers, tools, portable structures, powersport equipment. If you value it, we track it.

Advanced Asset Protection - Revo Track

The Revo Team

David Meyer - Revo Track

David Meyer

David Hogan - VP Sales of Asset Management - Revo Asset Management

David Hogan

VP, Sales
Hector Varela - Revo Track

Hector Varela

National Sales Director
Ron DuBord - Revo Track

Ron DuBord

Field Service Director
Bryan Schwarz - Revo Track

Bryan Schwarz

Executive Sales Director
Brandon Horn - Revo Track

Brandon Horn

Executive Sales Director
Melissa Frasher - Revo Track

Melissa Frasher

Executive Sales Director
Karl Flores - Revo Track

Karl Flores

Executive Sales Director
Sabrina Edwards - Revo Track

Sabrina Edwards

Director, Sales Operations
Michelle Goedken - Revo Track

Michelle Goedken

Director of Customer Accounts
Tia Fries - Revo Track

Tia Fries

Director of Customer Accounts
Corinna Tutor - Revo Track

Corinna Tutor

VP, Marketing
Brian Tate - Revo Track

Brian Tate

Director, Product Management
Carlos Jimenez - Revo Track

Carlos Jimenez

Corporate Trainer