Core Exchange

The Core Exchange Program is an initiative for customers to return old Revo devices for recycling. Regardless if you have purchased Revo SmartStop or Revo 3000, our Core Exchange program lets you send the device back once the battery life is gone and receive a $15 credit allowance towards your next asset tracker product order.

How It Works

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Credit Allowance Notification

Core Exchange Request Form

    Thank You!

    We have received Your information. Please mail your Revo device(s)to the follwing:

    Attn: Core Exchange

    Revo Track
    17361 Armstrong Avenue
    Irvine, CA 92614

    Terms and Conditions

    This program is intended to provide customers with the opportunity to recycle battery-powered Revo devices and receive a credit allowance towards their next Revo purchase. This is not intended for the exchange of RMA products or units that do not reach their guaranteed event life.

    Once a customer’s Revo device has reached the end of its battery lifecycle, customers can ship back the device to us to receive a $15 credit allowance, for the next Revo purchase. The following terms apply:

    • The Revo Core Exchange Program only applies to purchases of Revo SmartStart and Revo 3000
    • Once a Revo device has reached the end of its battery life, customers should fill out Core Exchange form located at (see form above)
    • After submitting the Core Exchange form, a Revo specialist will provide customer with a CEP number along with shipping instructions. NOTE: To qualify for the Revo Core Exchange Program, shipments must include the appropriate CEP #
    • Once you receive your CEP#, the Revo device(s) must be shipped referencing the appropriate CEP # to:
      Attn: Revo Track
      17361 Armstrong Avenue
      Irvine, CA 92614
    • $15 credit allowance only applies when the exchanged Revo device has been received by the Revo Core Exchange Team and has met terms
    • $15 credit allowance is good future purchases, no cash value
    • Credit allowance does not apply to damaged Revo units or event shortfalls
    • Once an exchange successfully qualifies for the program, Finance will apply credit allowance to customer’s account and generate a discount code
    • Discount code will be emailed to customer’s email address on file
    • $15 credit allowance can be redeemed by providing discount code with any future Revo purchase. Just provide discount code when placing your next order
    • Discount code expires 12 months after issuance date

    For more information, contact your Revo representative.

    *The Revo Core Exchange Program is subject to change. Revo in its sole discretion reserves the right to determine eligibility or change the eligibility requirements.