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Powerful Asset Management Hardware

Revo hardware integrates cutting-edge GPS, cellular and battery technologies to deliver the most-reliable, lowest-cost asset protection platform on the market. No contracts or recurring fees, makes it unique in the marketplace.

Revo Asset Management develops and enhances its proprietary hardware and software designs in-house. This unique technology collects and analyzes billions of data points, then uses those analytics to provide clients with near real-time asset monitoring and recovery. The platform also provides actionable business intelligence for asset management, inventory control, audits, and more.

Hardware Portfolio

The sophisticated integration of GPS, cellular and battery technology allows Revo Asset Management to fully monitor and protect hard-to-replace, expensive assets such as construction equipment, generators, and other valuable portable items.

The company’s proprietary 2.0 battery technology gives its wireless hardware long-lasting, proven security. Its geolocation devices transmit location intelligence in real-time with NO contracts or recurring monthly fees.

Revo’s wired and wireless hardware solutions includes three powerful asset-protecting devices: a Wired Asset Tracker, Wireless SmartStop and the Wireless 3000. Each delivers state-of-the-art, proven technology:

Wired Asset Tracker
Our wired Asset Tracker delivers real-time visibility and complete location and movement intelligence of valuable, powered assets. It has low power consumption, but also includes a powerful backup battery to protect your fleet and powered equipment in the event of power loss.

3.0 Wireless SmartStop
SmartStop continuously collects data and is perfect to monitor and protect portable assets. When a Revo-protected asset is in motion, SmartStop records every stop event, so you know the current location and “trail” of your valuable property.

3.0 Wireless Revo 3000
Wireless Asset Tracker 3000 is our most popular tracker. The 3000 reports location intelligence twice a day. Because it only checks in automatically twice a day, it has greater longevity than SmartStop.

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